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Stealthtone Guitar Pick-ups Incorporate The Very Latest Technology, that is exclusive to Stealthtone Guitar Pickups, making Stealthtone the best replacements for single coil's by far.
Precision single point string signal pickup.
No metal plates to disrupt magnetic fielded.
Same magnetic field shape as classic single coil pickups.
Equal number of turns of wire on each coil to maximise hum reduction.
Both coils are on the same axes to maximise hum reduction.
Both coils output an in-phase string signal to minimise induction loading.
Magnetic field strength equal to classic pickups to provide sustain.
Ample turns of wire to provide high output.
Impedance lower than 500k.
Batteries not included.
No bar magnets.

New technology guitar pickups specifically designed for Stratocaster TM and similar type Guitars:

Stealthtone humbucker guitar pickups offer a true pure single coil sound with plenty of bite and sustain and their hum and noise canceling ability is excellent.

Humbuckers, for those that don't already know are pick-ups that cancel out hum and noise coming from external sources. Many original classics sounding guitars do not come with humbucker pickups, they are provided with Single Coil Pickups.

Standard humbucker guitar pickups do not have the same sound as single coil pickups, the reason for this is that they pick the sound of the strings from two points and have a much wider magnetic field, because harmonics run up and down the strings, the harmonics are out-of-phase at these two points and nodes are produced, so the harmonics are canceled out and they do not have to be completely out-of-phase to be reduced. This takes some of the attack and bite out of the sound and produces a sound that is more tonal bassy and some times muddy

Single coil guitar pickups pick the sound of the strings from a single point and have a narrower magnetic field, therefore their sound incorporates far more harmonics, is cleaner, brighter and biteyer than standard humbucker guitar pickups. Howevear they do not council hum and noise.

Bridge Pick-ups are placed close to the bridge. On many guitars there is a set of springs that is connected to a block of metal attached to the bridge, these springs extend back under the bridge pick-up. Vibrations from the strings are transferred in to these springs and are pickedup by the under side of the bridge pick-up, this creates a reverb effect in the sound produced by the bridge pickup, it works in much the same way as a spring reverb where transducers are used to induce and pickup vibrations in a spring.
Some pickups make use of metal backing plates for less noise and to increase the strength of their magnets to increase output for less turns of wire. The magnetic field is disrupted and less focussed with this metal plate and the extra magnetic strength pulls on the strings witch prevents them from sustaining. This metal plate also prevents any vibration in the springs from being pickedup by the pick-up leaving the sound dry and dead.

Stealthtone Pick-ups do not include metal plates therefore the vibrations in the springs are still pickedup by the under side of the pick-up, the magnetic field is still focussed the same as a single coil pick-up. This provides the same classic hollow sound that is a signature of original classic well-known guitars and their pick-ups!

Neck pickups are usually placed directly under the strings where a 24th fret would be, in order to bring out more harmonics. As single coil guitar pickups have a narrower magnetic field and a single focal point this effect is more predominant than with standard humbucker guitar pickups.

Stealthtone Guitar Pick-ups pickup the sound of the strings from a single point in much the same way as a single coil guitar pickup to provide the same type of sound as a single coil guitar pickup. The shape and strength of the magnetic field influences the sound of a guitar pick-up. Stealthtone Guitar Pickups have a magnetic field that approximates the shape and strength of classic single coil guitar pickups, to provide the same sound only with humbucking ability.

All this is achieved through a new innovative technology that is exclusive to Stealthtone Guitar pickups. This new technology enables both of the two coils to output the string signal! And both of the two coils to
cancel hum and noise! This gives Stealthtone Guitar Pick-ups a true single coil sound! and makes them extremely quiet!